Police vow to eradicate crime in Lake Victoria

21Sep 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Police vow to eradicate crime in Lake Victoria

​​​​​​​THE Police Force is determined to eradicate criminal activity in Lake Victoria to enable fishermen engage in their activities peacefully.

The pledge was given here yesterday by Commissioner of Police Liberatus Sabas, the head of operations and training at police headquarters, at a task force meeting with regional police commanders, regional CID officers, officers commanding districts (OCDs), fisheries officers and representatives of fishermen, and others.

The stakeholders came from Mwanza, Geita, Kagera, Simiyu and Mara regions while Tarime/Rorya district was represented as a special police zone. The key issue was how to eradicate criminal activities in the lake, which disrupt fishing and public security.

Commissioner Sabas said criminal incidents have gone down in Lake Victoria, but they need to be completely eradicated to enable the people conduct their businesses without fear all the time.

The task force meeting was convened to lay the basis for reinforced operations across all regions bordering the lake as well as particular strategies for trouble spots. The police will make sure they work together with other stakeholders to collect all relevant information on crime so as to deal with the culprits.

Host RPC Ramadhan Ng'anzi said security in the lake concerns all stakeholders, underlining that crime wasn’t discriminatory and anyone can be subjected to violence crime, so all sections of society need to be involved.

Bakari Kadabi, chairman of the Tanzania Fishermen’s Union (TAFU), told reporters that crime is entrenched in islands scattered in the lake.

Many criminals escape to the islands to hide and continue to operate, in which case a conjoined operation is needed to eradicate their presence in the zone, he added.

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