Poultry farmers decry over slow pace in loans issuance

05Aug 2020
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Poultry farmers decry over slow pace in loans issuance

A GROUP of poultry farmers in Mbeya District have complained over slow pace in the issuance of loans to the entrepreneurs’ groups claiming the situation is a great discouragement in their efforts.

They aired their complaints at the weekend at the forum for youths in the district that discussed   the involvement of the youths in entrepreneurship projects held in Ilembo Ward that drew youths from various o wards.

An official from the group Scholastica Malimali said out of 61 poultry groups for youths, only two had received loans, the situation that makes other groups conduct businesses without tangible benefits.

“We appeal to the district council’s community development department to increase the pace in the issuance of loans,” she said.

The veterinary officer for Ilembo Ward, Aisha Peter, said some of the poultry keepers fail to buy necessary inputs for their chicken due to lack of funds, as well as lack of skills in better poultry keeping.

“To make easy for these youths to engage in modern poultry keeping we have chicken feed and drugs at affordable prices, the only problem these youths lack the funds for buying the  inputs,” she said.

Mbeya District Commissioner William Ntinika instructed the district executive director to increase loans to the youths to motivate them in their businesses.

He said Mbeya District Council is among local councils in the country   doing well in the implementation of the law that requires councils to set aside 10 per cent of their internal incomes for loans to small entrepreneurs, but of recent it had been slow in issuing the loans.

He called upon all the groups who had received the loans to ensure they repay in time to enable other groups access the loans.

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