Pralena lifts Vibindo members to e-commerce outlets

30Sep 2018
Aisia Rweyemamu
Guardian On Sunday
Pralena lifts Vibindo members to e-commerce outlets

The Pralena Network has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a community of small-scale traders (VIBINDO Society) purposely to help entrepreneurs to grow up and be able to compete in a digital market.

Speaking during the signing ceremony held in Dar es Salam yesterday, Kelvin Maokola, general Manager for Pralena Network Ltd, said that they teamed up with Vibindo to help them do online business, synchronizing with marketing technology developments.

He said through the partnership, Pralena will come up with electronic systems which will enable entrepreneurs to collect, serve and pay back money of Vibindo society members as well as introducing the Kibindo financial management system.

Maokola noted that they will provide professional training to Vibindo members on how they will advertise and sell products online.

The signed MoU will also help Vibindo society members to sell their products through e-commerce of Pralena Network Ltd, commonly known as ‘Inukashop’.

Pralena urged various stakeholders in the country especially entrepreneurs to team up with them in order to improve their business and expand their business scope.

Speaking at the event, Gaston Kikuwi, the chairman of Vibindo Society said the purpose is to help Vibindo members to access big markets at any moment by using e-commerce.

Digital business will help members to do their business wherever they want as the network is accessed by many people.

The Vibindo chairman said that the society has more than 600 member groups across the country, mostly having no e-commerce skills or outlets.

Through the partnership, small scale traders will expand the scope of their business as they will be connected with digital market outlets, he pointed out.

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