Premier calls for strategic planning at work places

20Jul 2019
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Premier calls for strategic planning at work places

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa yesterday challenged public servants to prepare strategic work plans which will enable them achieve targeted results.

He said each of the servants in public sectors must have strategic plans that will later be used to measure their performances.

The Premier made the statement when addressing public servants at Same district, Kilimanjaro region.

“You were brought here to work for the people. As civil servants, our major role is to save the public regardless of their tribes, colour and religious believes”, insisted the PM.

Majaliwa noted that since the government took stringent measures against ghost workers that included suspension from their positions, they are subjected to work diligently to meet Tanzanians expectations.

The PM called upon civil servants to oversee the implementation of the CCM manifesto because it was the ruling party.

He spoke against a tendency of staying in offices for a long time without listening to people saying they should go out and solve people’s problems.

“You should go out there and stay for atleast some days to listen to what they are saying and the problems that bothers them,” he said.

He directed the District Commissioner to administer the exercise by ensuring that work with Members of Parliament and Councilors to solve people’s problems.

In another development, the PM asked the civil servants to ensure they collaborate with other leaders to ensure they collectively solve the challenges.

PM Majaliwa made the remarks when he addressed civil servants in Moshi Kilimanjaro on the sidelines of his tour to the region.

“Everyone must understand his or her boundaries between him and those of colleagues because everyone has his or her own task to serve people,” he said.

He added by calling upon the servants to remember President John Magufuli’s slogan which calls for hard work for better results.

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