Premier Majaliwa calls for national unity and peace among Tanzanians

20Oct 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Premier Majaliwa calls for national unity and peace among Tanzanians

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has called on religious leaders to take a leading role in preaching national unity, peace, and co-existence among Tanzanians.

Majaliwa made the call yesterday when addressing Muslims at the  event to celebrate Maulid which was held at the national level   at   Kaitaba stadium in Bukoba Municipality, Kagera Region.

Maulid  is the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The Premier said the government is leading by example by taking developments to all Tanzanians despite their religious beliefs.

“The government will continue to advocate for peace and national unity, therefore it is the role of religious leaders to pray for the nation and the government in power,” he said.

The PM appealed to Muslims in the country to follow the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

According to him, peace preaching should be everyone’s role saying without peace the country cannot develop.

He added that Tanzania has been a leading example advocating for peace and coexistence in the region, saying this should be trickled down to generations.

Majaliwa said the government was aware of the role that religious leaders are playing for peace maintenance      a move that had made other people from non-peaceful countries seek shelter.

He also called on religious leaders to educate their followers to prepare for participation in the population and housing census, which is expected to take place in August, next year.

"This exercise will enable the country to access the basic data used in formulating policies, planning and development programmes as well as monitoring its implementation."

The PM also called on the people to turn out in big numbers to go for the COVID-19 vaccination. "The issue of health is important and not a mockery.

For his part, Mufti of Tanzania and Chief Sheikh, Sheikh Abubakar Zubeir Bin Ally has encouraged Tanzanians to continue respecting religious and government leaders as doing so will contribute to the country’s development.

The Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA) secretary-general Sheikh Nuhu Jabir Mruma has praised the government for supervising well the country's development projects.

On Monday evening, Zanzibar President Dr. Hussein Mwinyi led Muslims in the isles who attended Maulid prayers to mark the birth of their Prophet Muhammad in an event held at Maisara grounds in Unguja.

The annual event, according to the Islamic calendar, has been customary and has been held at the national level as per Zanzibar Muslims’ age-long tradition.

Dr Mwinyi was joined by government and religious leaders including Zanzibar’s First Lady Mariam Mwinyi and other women Muslim leaders.

Zanzibar deputy Kadhi Sheikh Othman Ngwali used the occasion to welcome all zanzibaris at maulid celebrations.

On the occasion, Muslims were reminded of the whole issue of peace, unity, and solidarity among them and called upon the Muslims to adhere to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In his Maulid sermon, Sheikh Mohammed Ali Mohammed from the Commission of Inheritance stressed   the importance of Muslims to help  one another in order to receive Allah’s blessings.

He also said it is the responsibility of Muslims to celebrate   Maulid day by following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Reading a short history about   Maulid in Zanzibar, the advisor to   Maulid’s Preparatory Committee Sheikh Sherali Chapsi said   Maulid celebrations began in Zanzibar in 1926 in collaboration with all Muslims living in Zanzibar.

He added that the Milade Nabii Association in Zanzibar was formed to unify Zanzibar Muslims and to organise Maulid celebrations and that this year it is   its 96th year to organise the event.

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