President Mwinyi welcomes Bohra community investors

24Nov 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
President Mwinyi welcomes Bohra community investors

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi has welcomed investors from the Dawoodi Bohra community to come and invest in the Indian Ocean archipelago due to the various opportunities available.

Dr Mwinyi made the call yesterday at a State House function, meeting with members of the Bohra community from Zanzibar and the Mainland led by Sheikh Tayabali Hamzabhai Patanwalla.

The president informed the Bohora delegation that the door is open; hence they invited to invest in Zanzibar, considering that the majority in the Bohra community are families of businessmen.

Zanzibar has a wide range of investment opportunities especially in the field of industry, he said, urging the community to chip in and explore those opportunities.

The Isles leader underlined the importance of investments to help in providing employment for young people, noting that the eighth-phase government will continue to work with the community in ensuring strong ties, to developing and strengthen various sectors.

Dr Mwinyi commended the community for supporting the Zanzibar government in health services and education in particular.

He further expressed gratitude to the global spiritual leader of the Bohra community, Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin for his greetings to him, presented by the delegation in the meeting yesterday.

President Dr Mwinyi commended the community for the existing relations and cooperation, promising that the Zanzibar government will continue to work with the community shoulder to shoulder.

Reading the greetings from the world leader, Murtaza Zakirhussein Alibhai said that the leader of the Bohra community worldwide congratulated Dr Mwinyi, underlining that the people of Zanzibar have high hopes on his leadership.

For their part, Bohra leaders commended Dr Mwinyi for the maiden speech he delivered on the day he swore in his cabinet ministers, saying that it had encouraged and given them great hope, pledging to invest in various development sectors, including industry.

The Dawoodi Bohras are a religious denomination within the Ismāili branch of Shia Islam. Their largest numbers reside in India, Pakistan, Yemen, East Africa and the Gulf states. There are also significant numbers in the Middle East, East Africa, Europe, North America, South East Asia and Australasia.