President promises to improve southern regions’ infrastructures

17Oct 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
President promises to improve southern regions’ infrastructures

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday promised to build 57kms Nanganga – Ruangwa road in Lindi region at tarmac level.

The President gave the promise when speaking to wananchi of Nanganga (Masasi - Mtwara), Nanganga Station, Nangumbu, Nandagala, Likunja and Ruangwa Town where he held rallies.

Apart from the road, President Magufuli promised that the government will ensure roads in the southern regions which are essential for the areas socio-economic development are built hence he called on the wananchi to work hard.

While on his way to Ruangwa, the President spoke to the people in Kiwalala, Mtama and Nyangao where he announced that Mtama will be the headquarters for Lindi Rural District Council

He also directed that the name of the Council should be changed to Mtama District Council and stressed that the offices of the Council shift to Mtama by October 30 this month.

While in Ruangwa township President Magufuli unveiled the 5kms Kitandi- Ruangwa tarmac road which is part of Nanganga – Ruangwa road built at a cost of 4.8b/- including street lighting and laid the foundation stone for cashew nuts warehouses with 20,000 tonnes storage capacity that will cost 5.5b/-.

He also directed Tender International, the contractor of the warehouses to complete the work in one month else legal action would be taken against the firm.

At a public rally held at Likangala primary school grounds, President Magufuli received a report from the Deputy Minister for Agriculture Hussein Bashe on the existence of 10 cooperatives which still owe farmers.

The President directed Bashe and the Deputy PCCB Director Gen. John Mbungo to remain in Ruangwa to ensure the farmers are paid and legal action taken against all those involved for the delay.

Speaking at the rally, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa who is also a Member of Parliament for Ruangwa thanked the President for paying attention to his constituency, saying that in the past four years, the government allocated a total of 27b/- for various development projects and social services.

In addition, the PM said the government allocated 27b/- for rural electrification, 5.5b/- for roads in Ruangwa township including street lighting, 1.3b/- for the construction of three health centres and 5.5b/- for building cashew nuts warehouses.

On his part, the Mtama MP Nape Nnauye thanked the President and the government for allocating funds for implementing major development projects including 3.8b/- for water, 2.8/- for district hospital and health centres and 24b/- for rural electrification as well as having paid the farmers all the money they owe for the cashew nuts crop sold.

The Deputy Minister for Agriculture Hussein Bashe said 80 per cent of 224,000 tonnes of cashew nuts from last season that had remained unsold has now been sold and exported out of the country while the remaining 20 per cent is in the last process of being moved from the warehouses.

He added that 650b/- out of 700b/- has already been paid to farmers and the remainder will start being paid from next Tuesday.

The Minister for Water Prof. Makame Mbarawa, said the government has allocated 14.2b/- for towards alleviating water problems in Lindi region including Kiwalala, Mtama, Nyangao, Nanganga, Nangumbu, Nandagala, Likunjana and Ruangwa township.

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