President Samia wins investors’ accolades

26Jul 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
President Samia wins investors’ accolades

TANZANIA’s prominent businessman Mohamed Dewji, owner of Mohamed enterprises Limited (MeTL) has praises President Samia Suluhu Hassan foe restoring harmonious relations with various foreign nations and investors, saying the move will spur the country’s economic growth and create job opportunities.

Mohamed Dewji, popularly known as Mo, made the remarks in Dar es Salaam at the weekend when addressing 100 students of high learning institutions sponsored by his foundation – Mo Dewji Foundation.

He said: “We have the right direction under President Samia, I call upon fellow businessmen to support her as she wants us to make strides towards economic growth.”

He said President Samia is doing well to woo foreign investors and protect them and after a few years the country’s economy will be strong.

In efforts to support government’s efforts, Mo said in the four years of President Samioa’s leadership he will increase jobs from 31,000 now to 100,000.

Regarding Mo Dewji Foundation to the 100 students, he said         it begun in 2015 and as days go by, he plans to increase the number of students to be sponsored to reach 1,000 while targeting 10,000 students in the coming five years.

He urged the beneficiaries to pray for him as he was passing through challenging period of his life.

"I appeal to you that after you succeed in your studies, do not forget to assist others as I do not want even a single cent from you, my aim is to make sure we make progress and do away with poverty,” he said.

He added that since the establishment of the Foundation, more than 1bn/- has been spent in the project of sponsoring students at various high learning institutions to make them realise their dreams.

“The demand is big but we concentrate more on those from difficult conditions without favour, we abide by gender balancing as well as religion,” he added.

Miriam Ibrahim, one of the beneficiaries thanked the Foundation, saying it has helped many of them realise their life dreams.

“We have been getting various opportunities through this Foundation including being employed in MeTL, and I call on other institutions to emulate this example,” she said.

Baraka Edward, a student from the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) said:

“We cannot repay you for what you have done for us, even if we say we should come to work in your firms for free, that cannot match with what you have done for us,” he said.

During the meeting, Mo recalled the incident of his abduction in 2019 from Colosseum Hotel in Dar es Salaam and dumped a few days later at Gymkana’s Grounds.

He said during the nine days of his captivity, he knew he was going to die, but Tanzanians, in unison prayed for him ad god listened, and that is why I decided to offer myself in service of Tanzanians.

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