Private sector can bring substantial economic changes –Z’bar second VC

15Jan 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Private sector can bring substantial economic changes –Z’bar second VC

ZANZIBAR Second Vice President Hemed Suleiman Abdulla has said that if well supervised, several opportunities found within the private sector can bring huge and significant economic changes in the country.

In his meeting with leaders of the Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) board yesterday here, Hemed said the private sector has a significant contribution to development and people’s well-being.

According to him, the private sector can help produce more employment opportunities, if the government could strengthen cooperation with it.

The Second Vice President commended the board’s leadership for its collective efforts that are aimed to complement Zanzibar’s development vision.

He however advised the leadership to look into the weaknesses in some of the controversial Acts in the Isles so that they can be amended and thus support smooth operation of trade and business activities.

He also reminded the board’s leadership to continue implementing their responsibilities well which include educating the business communities on the importance of paying tax.

Hemed also said that the government will continue prioritizing local experts in most of its projects for the country’s development.

“There is a bad habit of despising patriotic professionals in many projects, this is not good because this discourages them, so we have to ensure that we promote our local experts by hiring them in various projects which we know that they can perform well,” he said.

Earlier, the chamber’s chairman Ali Amour said that the private sector has already put an emphasis to ensure that all the goals highlighted in the National Vision 2020/2050 are achieved.

“And in support of this important vision, the board has decided to extend its three-year action plan to five years so as to keep pace with the current government’s development efforts. We will invest much of our efforts in promoting voluntary tax paying while also reminding the government to continue creating a conducive environment for investment,” Ali said.

Some members of the board also informed the Second Vice President that the 300,000 jobs highlighted in the government pledge could be achieved, if a friendly environment between the government and private sector will be created.

The members called on the government to also invest in quality infrastructures citing an example of the agricultural areas in the villages of Kibuteni, Nganani and Mtule which needs strong roads and electricity infrastructures. Read More...

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