Private sector urged to invest in maritime transport

10Feb 2017
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Private sector urged to invest in maritime transport

THE government has encouraged private sector to invest in maritime transport in a move to address transport in areas close to the Indian Ocean.

Edwin Ngonyani

Deputy Minister for Works, Transport, Communication, Edwin Ngonyani, revealed this yesterday in the August House when responding to a supplementary question by Mtambile MP, Masoud Abdallah Salim (CUF), who wanted to know the time-frame when the government is end marine transport problem between Dar es Salaam and Mtwara.

He also wanted to know the criteria used to set for ceiling of weight for a ship/boat in an effort to reduce marine accidents.

Responding, Ngonyani said that for years the government has been working on addressing transport woes in the Indian Ocean, “but, one of the best options is for the country’s private sector to invest in the area and offer transport services to the public.”

He however said that if the private sector will be seen dilly-dallying, the government will bring back the former transport system used in Indian Ocean.

On the issue of weight of ship, the minister said that the matter is under the Surface and marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA), who are responsible for registering ships and other marine vessels.

Tanzania has a coastline of about 720 km on the Indian Ocean, and also borders Lake Victoria, Lake Nyasa, and Lake Tanganyika. Both sea and inland waterways ports in Tanzania are managed and operated by the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA).

The TPA’s main Indian Ocean ports are Dar es Salaam, Mtwara, and Tanga. Minor seaports serving coastal traffic include Lindi, Kilwa Masoko, Mafia Island, Bagamoyo, Pangani and Kwale. Dar es Salaam is the Tanzania’s principal port with intrinsic capacity of 10.1m t per year.

The port handles over 92% of the total maritime ports’ throughput. The port serves land linked countries of Malawi, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

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