Probe team named on loss of meat corporation

04Dec 2017
The Guardian
Probe team named on loss of meat corporation

MINISTER for Livestock and Fisheries, Luhaga Mpina has formed a team to probe the loss accrued from Tanzania Meat Corporation (TMC).

MINISTER for Livestock and Fisheries, Luhaga Mpina

He made the decision over the weekend, saying TMC had been making losses for the past five years.

He said: “Maybe Nicol, who are co-owners, have been gaining something, but for our part, we haven’t been gaining anything. That is why I have decided to form a team to investigate the factory’s operations and its performance.”

The company is jointly owned by the National Investments Company Limited (Nicol) by 51 per cent and Narco by 49 per cent.

Minister Mpina noted that the team would begin its work on December 8 and would comprise officials from the Attorney General’s Office, the ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development, the Treasury registrar and Narco.

“If the team finds out Nicol doesn’t have the capacity to run the facility or it has violated the terms of contract, the government would repossess it,” he noted.

The team has been given five days to investigate after which it will submit its report to the minister.

For his part, TMC manager Nashon Kalinga said the company had management issues, which had already been resolved.

Narco’s acting managing director Prof Philimon Wambura echoed the minister’s call for review of the contract to ensure the government benefits from it.    

This came after Kongwa ranch manager ,  Euzebius Rwiza Mtayabaru   informed the minister that out of  38,000 hectares of land, only 3,000 hectares had been developed for pastures while the remaining 35,000 hectares left undeveloped .

Mpina directed by next December the number of cattle should increase from 8,647 to 20,000, sheep from 535 to 5,000, goat from 1,438 to 5,000.

Acting director in the ministry of Livestock and Fisheries , Victor Mwita said that the ranch was introduced to assist small-scale livestock keepers to get breeds of bulls so that they have quality cattle, goats and sheep breeds that would help them to step out of poverty.

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