Prof Lipumba advised to seek wisdom to end leadership stalema

08May 2017
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Prof Lipumba advised to seek wisdom to end leadership stalema

VETERAN Opposition politician Philemon Ndesamburo has written to embattled CUF chairman Prof Ibrahim Lipumba to seek wisdom to bring to an end the leadership stalemate that threatens the existence of the party.

VETERAN Opposition politician Philemon Ndesamburo.

Ndesamburo (82), who was a former Moshi Urban Member of Parliament on Chadema ticket wrote to Lipumba yesterday, saying the economist-turned politician held the key to ending the leadership wrangles pitting him and the secretary-general Seif Sharif Hamad.

"I write to advise you because matters are bad within CUF and events that transpire within the party are not healthy to the broad liberation agenda of our country," Ndesamburo wrote and continued:

"I understand if matters are left as they are within CUF, the impact will be huge on the opposition in our country. It is important to understand that the strength of political parties is needed now more than ever in the history of our country."

In the letter, Ndesamburo says that Prof Lipumba's wisdom can save the party from the pending oblivion if the leadership wrangles go unchecked.

Last week,Hamad was quoted as saying that he would better sit and talk with 'enemy' the ruling CCM rather than Lipumba.

This comes after a scuffle between CUF factions allied to the two leaders in a Dar es Salaam hotel that caught journalists in the 'crossfire' leaving some of them injured.

The movie-like incident featuring masked men in the fourth floor led to the injury of several people including journalists who were caught in the middle as the otherwise cool hotel conference facility turned into a battleground.

Apparently, the ugly scene pitted supporters of the opposition party's secretary general Seif Sharif Hamad and embattled chairman Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, who is recognized by the Registrar of Political Parties.

CUF has been embroiled in a bitter leadership crisis since August last year, when Prof Lipumba announced a comeback following his resignation as party chairman towards the end of 2015 after Edward Lowassa was chosen by the opposition coalition, Ukawa, to be their flag bearer in that year's elections.