Prof Mkumbo meets with Kariakoo traders to listen to their complaints

16Apr 2021
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Prof Mkumbo meets with Kariakoo traders to listen to their complaints

​​​​​​​INDUSTRY and Trade Minister Prof Kitila Mkumbo has held discussions with officials and traders of the Dar es Salaam Kariakoo Market aimed at listening to their complaints, to find solutions as well as creating a better system for the operation of the market.

Speaking to Kariakoo traders here early this week after listening to their complaints, Prof Mkumbo said the aim of the government was to see them operating in good environment in order to contribute to the national economy.

“My aim is to see the return of the former Kariakoo, because we depend on this market in revenue collection, and if we are to collect the revenue traders must conduct their business in a good environment, without complaints or any hindrances,” he said.

After listening to their complaints, he said on April 18 this year he will convene a meeting with traders, importers, TRA officials and Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) officials.

“I want to meet with all of you and I will come with the Finance and Planning Minister, TRA and TPA officials so that all issued raised should be responded to there and then,” he said.

He said all issues to be agreed upon would be implemented and they will be making frequent evaluation to see whether they were beneficial for both sides.

Earlier, the Chairman of Tanzania Traders Association Silver Kiondo told the Minister that for a long time they have been holding frequent discussions with the government but there haven’t been any changes to the complaints they have been raising.

He said there was now the need for the government to review the import duty policy as they see it as a great challenge to them in implementing it.

He added that many times they import their goods direct from Kenya and Uganda instead of using the port of Dar es Salaam for the government to receive its revenues,

They also appealed to the government to be consulting them whenever there are changes to import duty rates as many traders import goods in a rear’s order.

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