Protect broadband infrastructure, TTCL appeals

19Jan 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Protect broadband infrastructure, TTCL appeals

PEOPLE have been urged to protect the National Information Communications Technology Broad Band (NICTBB) to ensure reliable accessibility of telecommunications and internet services in the country.

The call was made here yesterday by Tanzania Telecommunication Company limited (TTCL) Corporation Manager in the region, Jalili Senkopwa when speaking to reporters on the importance of communication to the development of every individual and the nation as a whole.


Government strategy is to deliver telecommunication and internet services at relatively affordable rates, therefore people have to protect the infrastructure accordingly so as to serve the purpose.


He said there are people who conduct activities on road reserve like digging latrine toilets or road works where the NICTBB have passed underground cables and these are damaged, a situation that causes telecommunications barriers between one place and another while negatively affecting internet services.


TTCL will ensure that it provides reliable services to customers in a bid to stimulate development, he said.


“We plan to increase the market share, which goes alongside extending TTCL infrastructure to face challenges of workload owing to increase in number of customers,” he elaborated.


In recent years TTCL has moved from analogue to becoming a digital mobile network by revamping old infrastructure and making massive investment.


The telecom firm would ensure its services are availed countrywide and are also   affordable to the public, thus contributing to development of the nation, he said.


The firm’s regional hub also serves other zones including Kasamwa, Geita town and rural, Nyang'wale and Katoro and parts of Simiyu region.


TTCL is wholly owned by the state and offers services of landline, data (internet) and mobile phone by using modern technology.