Protect your children against abuse,   urge  committees

16Apr 2018
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
Protect your children against abuse,   urge  committees

PARENTS and guardians have been urged to increase protection for their children amid the escalating incidences of violence and abuse that affect  them psychologically.

Speaking with members of the Play lab management committee (PMC) and child protection committee (CPC) during the training session over the weekend in Dar es Salaam, social welfare officer Theresia Nkwanga said that violence and any related abuse of children is against the Child Law no. 21, 2009.

She added that incidences of child abuse are increasing with statistics showing that parents and close relatives are highly involved in the matter.

"Child protection is one of the fundamental rights mentioned in the law that everyone should abide to," insisted the officer.

Nkwanga highlighted that the current situation for child is worse as there is minimal protection of the child in the society, insisting the parents to adhere to their responsibilities. 

She emphasized the parents should be in the forefront to reduce violence to children and help the government to achieve curbing the incidence child violence and abuse.

The officer applauded the play lab project, saying it helps to complement the government initiatives and society in general to provide protection of children.

The training programme involved 70 members of the child protection committee and play lab management committee from 70 play lab centres available in Temeke District.

Trainer for early childhood development (ECD) Ramadhan Ismail said the training session was meant to provide capacity building to members of the committee to be able to supervise child care centres.

The training also taught them about the fundamental rights of children that should be respected and provided effectively for the benefit of their growth.

Ismali detailed that the participants learned about the importance of teaching methodology by using games that help to improve the upbringing of the children by nurturing their brains.

"But also we trained them to understand on the basic principles and qualifications for a good leader to teach and guide the children in order to have a better society in the future," he mentioned.

According to him, the project aims at enhancing the children's development mentally, socially, psychologically and communication skills to be able to interact with each other.

For his part, area manager for play lab project Novatus Richard said the project is both implemented in Dar es Salaam and Mbeya regions and in  60   play lab centres.

"So far total of 12,000 children have graduated from the programme and they are currently proceeding with primary education," he said.

The manager added that the initiative is undertaken collectively with close collaboration with local government officials to make sure that children stay  in safe hands.

Shadia Lazaro one of the trainees said the module of the programme is appropriate as it prepared the child to be mentally fit and able to perform academically.

Lazaro who is also a parent, said her daughter enjoys the programme by learning and socializing with her children that helps to sharpen her brain.

She proposes the government and other stakeholders to support such programmes and extend them it in order to reach more children in the country.

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