Publish indigenous researches, PS Malongo tells institutions

12Jul 2018
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Publish indigenous researches, PS Malongo tells institutions

PERMANENT Secretary in the Vice-President's Office (Union and Environment), Eng. Joseph Malongo has asked research institutions to ensure they publish research findings that are useful for purposes of aiding in the implementation of policies.

PERMANENT Secretary in the Vice-President's Office (Union and Environment), Eng. Joseph Malongo.

Speaking during a three-day workshop on National Environment Research Agenda at the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Malongo expressed concern that Tanzania has enviable researches on varied issues which remain under wraps to the detriment of national interests.

Malongo said many good research results remain unknown to the public, adding that the nation would have benefited enormously if the results had been made public and people get the chance to scrutinise and comment on them.

The PS said researches that will focus on government priorities will unearth information that will help the government to make applicable decisions to implement the national agenda on industrialisation.

He also called for good pre-study coordination to avoid repetition and waste of funds.

Malongo said a number of donor institutions were willing to fund researches relating to environment and oversee application of the research results. 

He called on researchers to seize that opportunity and make beneficial researches.

Acting NEMC Director General, Dr Vedast Makota, said the workshop was aimed at exposing participants to information needed to implement the 2017-2022 National Environment Agenda and discuss best ways of implementing the 2025 Tanzania Development Vision without harming the environment.

Participants to the workshop were drawn from different institutions from across the country.

NEMC came into being in 1983 when the Government of Tanzania enacted the National Environment Management Act No. 19 of 1983. It was established with a broad mandate to oversee environmental management issues and also implement the resolutions of the Stockholm conference (1972), which called upon all nations to establish and strengthen national environmental Councils to advise governments and the international community on environmental issues.





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