RALG plans to establish customer service centre across every region

20Jan 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
RALG plans to establish customer service centre across every region

INNOCENT Bashungwa, minister of state in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government (RALG) has instructed his permanent secretary, Prof Riziki Shemdoe to put in place strategies for the establishment of customers’ service centre in each region.

Prof Riziki Shemdoe.

Bashungwa issued the instruction on Tuesday this week during his visit at RALG Customer Service Centre here with the aim of seeing whether the directives had been implemented.

“I am satisfied with the performance of the staff at the centre but it would be better if these centres were also available at regional level to make easy for the public to get prompt services on the spot in regard to their complaints rather than calling RALG headquarters,” he said.

He directed the PS to make sure he seeks financial resources and equipment to strengthen regional secretariats in the provision of better services to the people starting from the village, ward, division, district and region.

He said that Regional commissioners and Regional Administrative Secretaries will be the main supervisors of the customer services centres.

“This issue has kicked off well at the ministry level, hence we should strengthen it in the regions in order to assist the people, hence I direct you to make sure we have in place strategies for each region to have such a centre,” he added.

The supervisor of the Ministry’s Customer service Centre, Antelma Mtemahanji said the aim for establishing the centre is to assist the people who have been travelling long distances from the villages for various office services.

He said since its establishment in 2020, so far 125,381 telephone calls were received and worked on.

He said before its establishment, the RALG office used to receive between 100 and 120 people with various complaints, but now the number has been greatly reduced.