Rashid to vie for Zanzibar presidency in election rerun

09Mar 2016
David Kisanga
The Guardian
Rashid to vie for Zanzibar presidency in election rerun

AS Zanzibari prepare for polls rerun on March 20, Alliance for Democratic Change (ADC) leader said that they see no reason to bar party members from taking part in the elections because it is every qualified citizens’ constitutional right.

Hamad Rashid

Some political parties have made clear their intention to boycott the polls and have urged their members to shun the elections, saying that there were no grounds for the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) to nullify the October 25 General Election.

Addressing party supporters and members over the weekend at the party’s headquarters in Bubububu West District, ADC Zanzibar presidential candidate, Hamad Rashid said that it is illegal and a violation of the Constitution to forbid anyone to exercise his or her fundamental right to vie for political post kor vote.

He called on Zanzibaris to turn out by their numbers on voting day, cautioning those who do not want to vote to stop persuading others to boycott the exercise.

“Voting is your right, get your identity cards ready for the March 20 election and vote for whoever you think is a better leader who can bring change,” he stressed.

Hamad also took time to lash out at political parties in the Isles that have been going around pursuading its members to boycott the election.

He called on ADC members not to be afraid or agree to be bullied by any one from other parties and instead they should stand steadfast, loyal and true by exercise their fundamental and democratic right.

Hamad also assured residents once elected into iffice, all Zanzibaris will be treated equally regardless of political affiliations or leanings.

“There is no section in the Constitution that states services should only be provided to certain members of a particular political party, but serve all people as equals irrespective of the differences in their political opinions,” he said.

ADC Interim Committee Vice Chairman, Khamis Kombo said they have decided to participate in the polls re-run on March 20 to bring about changes for the benefit of the country.

He said the party’s participation is not to escort other parties to win the election but aims at emerging victorious, especially in the presidential poll.

“We are confident of defeating CCM and this is why ADC has decided to participate,” he asserted.