RC appeals for Covid pandemic awareness

20Oct 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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RC appeals for Covid pandemic awareness

IN efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Anthony Mtaka has called on health committees from all districts to have in place strategies to make sure all areas are reached to provide education on the importance of vaccination.

He also called on them to make sure the vaccination reaches people in all areas with large assemblies of people including churches, mosques, bus stations and other areas.

Addressing a meeting for the evaluation and implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, Mtaka said his office has received a new consignment of 50,390 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine.

"These committees should go to all areas   and educate people about this new vaccine after the former Johnson and Johnson vaccine  was out of stock,” he said.

For his part, the vaccination coordinator for Dodoma Region Francis Bujiku said Dodoma region had earlier received 50 doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and on August 3, 2021 the vaccination campaign was launched up to October 5 when all the doses allocated for the region were out of stock.

"After that we requested for 6,515 more doses, 5,000 from Geita Region and 1,515 from Iringa Region and by October 13 a total of 52,599 people were vaccinated,” he added.

He said since the start of the vaccination campaign in August, people have been educating the people about the   importance of vaccination and 28 vaccination centres were added to reach 381, adding that by October 14 this year 52, 629 people were vaccinated, or 93 per cent of the 56,515 targeted.

Speaking on the new vaccines, Bujiku said the government is to make the implementation of the vaccination a big success.

He said the 381 vaccination centres will continue to be used as well as handbag vaccination to reach all areas and the vaccine will be administered twice, the second one after 28 days.

In another development, RC Mtaka has called upon traders not to hike prices for building materials rampantly and urged them to abide by the government’s indicative prices.

The RC made the remarks on Monday while addressing Dodoma traders on IMF 1.3trn/- soft loan extended to Tanzania that had been directed to various development projects in the country.

He said the funds have been distributed to various regions towards development projects in health, education, infrastructures and other and Dodoma Region received 17.97bn/-.

He added that the funds were a major opportunity as they are channeled to indigenous traders in the private sector as well as small business people, hence it is prohibited to rampantly hike prices for building materials.

"In case I find out you have hiked the  prices, the government will go to other regions to procure the materials needed for the projects,” he warned.

For his part, the Industry and Trade Minister, Prof Kitila Mkumbo said the IMF money is a huge opportunity for the economic sector   especially for the indigenous business people and small traders.

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