RC battles mobile phones in schools

29Apr 2021
The Guardian
RC battles mobile phones in schools

​​​​​​​MBEYA Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila has ordered seven out of 20 students of Iyunga Boys Secondary School alleged to have set on fire one of the school buildings to be caned and pay 300,000/- each as a fine for their acts.

RC Chalamila placed the school under special security to be conducted by security organs, directing that any student found outside school premises after learning hours should be arrested and remanded.

The RC also ordered the police to arrest students said to have invade teachers’ houses and shops so that they are punished in accordance with the relevant disciplinary provisions.

He issued the directives yesterday when addressing members of the regional defense and security committee who visited the school to check the destruction following misconduct by the students.

Earlier, the school headmaster, Edward Mwantimo informed the committee that some students were deliberately violating school rules and regulations.

“We restrict students from owning mobile phones. We also don’t allow them to go outside the school during the night but some of them violate the rules,” he said, noting that school authorities recently confiscated mobile phones secretly used by students.

Narrating, Mwantimo said on the particular day, the suspected students torched a storehouse at midnight, but some students who were awake shouted for help, and the fire was immediately put out by students in collaboration with teachers.

“We managed to put out the fire before it spread and became a large fire which would have destroyed classes, the teachers’ office and dormitories,” he narrated, daunted.

Preliminary results of an investigation conducted by the school board revealed that 20 students were involved in organising the incident, thus it was resolved to suspend them indefinitely.

 Regional Education Officer, Majuto Njanga said that the suspension was decided on March 18 after which the students appealed to the regional board of appeal chaired by the RC.

It ordered the students to return to school under conditions of being whipped and paying 300,000/- each for maintenance of the torched building, he stated.

“Students going outside the school premises should be in uniform. We better remain with a few disciplined students instead of keeping a good number of stubborn ones,” the REO intoned.

RC Chalamila directed that Form IV and Form VI students to continue learning from home as they will sit for their national examinations later in the year, also directing Mbeya DC William Ntinika to work closely with the school administration to ensure all the directives are implemented accordingly.

In October 2019, the RC caned and suspended Form V and Form VI students, along with 14 students accused of torching down two dormitories at Kiwanja Secondary School in Chunya.

About 392 students were directed to pay 200, 000/- upon return to the school on October 18, 2019.

The students reportedly torched down the dormitories after their mobile phones were confiscated by the school administration.

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