RC Chalamila issues order on inclusive education in schools

22Jan 2021
The Guardian
RC Chalamila issues order on inclusive education in schools

​​​​​​​MBEYA Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila has instructed education officers in the region to have in place a friendly environment in primary and secondary schools to enable the attainment of inclusive education.

​​​​​​​MBEYA Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila.

Chalamila issued the instructions recently as he was addressing members of the Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) saying there was no need of segregating children with special needs with normal students as all these have to learn together.

He said various institutions that offered to mobilize for inclusive education should be supported to ensure children with special needs get an education like any other.

RC Chalamila added that Child support Tanzania (CST) has scored many achievements in inclusive education without segregating children, by using various innovative strategies including using various gadgets for the children that with special needs to play with while they follow lessons in class.

Chalamila said education officers in the region should emulate CST and should abandon the segregation system in schools and classes.

Meanwhile, Mbeya District Commissioner William Ntinika instructed both public and private institutions in Mbeya Region to ensure the provide employment to people with disabilities as they also have the capability to work just like normal people.

He said his office has workers with disabilities and work hard sometimes more than normal people, and praised CST for being an example in employing people with special needs.

Noela Msuya, CST Director appealed to the government to consider introducing education on sign language to students in elementary classes.

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