RC Chalamila orders removal of traditional healers signboards

07Jan 2020
The Guardian
RC Chalamila orders removal of traditional healers signboards

MBEYA Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila has directed the police in the region to remove all billboards from the streets that advertise traditional healers, including those promoting enhancement of male sexual prowess.

Chalamila also said after billboards removal campaign is completed the police should embark on another operation to arrest all traditional healers who go against the country’s norms and its structure and take them to court.

The RC gave the order at the weekend after handing over two children of one family who had been abducted back to their parents.

The children Faisal Mashaka (5) and Farhana Mashaka (I year and five months) were reported lost from their family’s home in Mbeya but were later found in Tabora Region.

He said the healers cheat people especially the youths that they will assist them but they do nothing of the kind only subjecting them to further destruction and inflaming feuds in families.

“We want healers for alternative medicine to remain as these help the wananchi, but not those who engage in superstition, who cheat and cause family feuds, hence I order their signboard pulled down from the streets,” Chalamila said.

He said there are now some young men who believe that enhancing sexual power can be obtained from traditional healers the belief that is not true and stressed that the law will take its course.

He said after he has dealt with these healers he will embark on verification exercise of all churches and various religious sects in the region so that those contravening laws and regulations should be closed.

He said Mbeya City is second in Africa for having many churches of various religious sects but still it has many bizarre happenings.

He said some of the sects contravene laws and regulations and his office has started receiving complaints that some of them have started to be a threat to peace and stability in the region.

“We shall verify their leaders, followers, sources of funding and how they use the funds, there is this certain church that has started involving in fights among themselves thereby threatening peace in the region, after the verification exercise we will close all which will be found to be going against the laws,” he said.

Leader of traditional chiefs in Mbeya Region, Chief Rocket Mwsashinga said as of now the region is enveloped with many incidents associated with superstition.

He said despite the region being home to many churches of various religious sects, one would expect these bizarre happenings to decrease, but the opposite is now the fact.

“Every day you will hear children getting lost, children raped and many others, and we ask ourselves from the number of the churches we have from where does these happenings come from?” he asked.

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