RC directs localcouncils to submit weeklyreports on students enrolment

14Jan 2022
The Guardian
RC directs localcouncils to submit weeklyreports on students enrolment

ALL local councils in Mbeya Region have been directed that on every Friday they should submit to his office a report on the number of students in elementary classes who were enrolled in the region’s various primary schools.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner, Juma Homera.

The directives were given here Wednesday by Mbeya Regional Commissioner, Juma Homera during his investigation visit of various projects implemented with Covid-19 funds in the education and health sectors in Rungwe and Busokelo district councils.

He said the submission of such reports should start as soon as schools open.

“Our region is among regions that have been making big efforts to enroll students at elementary school in the country, attaining 46 per cent countrywide, but the situation is far from being satisfactory, we should increase enrolment efforts in order to do wee nationally,” said RC Homera.

In another development, Homera was handed with more than 70 classrooms whose construction was completed at 100 per cent for use by Form I students soon after schools are open.

He praised Rungwe and Busokelo district officials for completing in time classrooms construction as well as the construction of new secondary school through Covid-19 funds provided to build classrooms.

For his part, Rungwe District Council Chairman, Mpokigwa Mwankunga thanked the government for providing them with funds for various development projects, the projects that will ensure provision of better social services to the people.

He added that apart from the completion of these projects, including those for health centres, dispensaries and schools, still there was the huge challenge regarding staff shortage, and appealed to the government to employ more staff in both the health and education sectors.

For his part, Rungwe District Commissioner, Dr Vincent Anney said all ongoing projects are fully supervised, and wished that all of them to be completed by April this year.

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