RC directs truckdrivers to cooperate onborder agreement implementation

28May 2020
The Guardian
RC directs truckdrivers to cooperate onborder agreement implementation

​​​​​​​TRUCK drivers have been directed to cooperate in the implementation of the agreement reached on their predicament at border posts by making sure they get tested for covid-19 infections and receive certificates thereof to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. 

The directive was given here yesterday by Arusha regional Commissioner Mrisho Gambo when speaking to truck owners at a meeting convened to discuss the implementation of the agreement over the plight of their drivers while crossing border posts.

The agreement over the subject had been reached at an earlier meeting convened at Namanga border post that involved Tanzania and Kenya officials including the two countries’ transport ministers.

"I ask you to grab this opportunity to ensure drivers are tested and given certificates, there is no reason for dillydallying as we want to see business activities continue and if there are any other challenges let’s communicate,” said RC Gambo.

Gambo also called on the truck owners to assist in the maintenance of harmony and brotherly ties between the people of Tanzania and those of Kenya, the two neighbouring countries that depend on each other.

Speaking at the meeting some truck owners said they have warmly welcomed the agreement reached and congratulated leaders of the two countries for having solved the nagging problem.

The chairperson of the association of Truck Owners for Arusha Region Zainabu Athumani said the decision reached is of great economic benefit to themselves and the countries of the East African Community in general, and lauded President John Magufuli for his efforts in ensuring economic activities go on while precautions are taken against Covid-19 infections.

In attendance was also executives from various institutions including Immigration and the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) whose manager for Arusha Region John Mwigura used the occasion to remind stakeholders on the importance in the payment of requisite taxes.

Last weekend Tanzania and Kenya through their transport ministers agreed that each country should test their truck drivers for Covid-19 infections and issue certificates that would be recognized by the other country.

Following the agreement many challenges that had faced truck drivers at Tanzania-Kenya border posts including being stranded for days have now diminished.