RC: Farmers  need more knowledge on new technologies for  growth

13Aug 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
RC: Farmers  need more knowledge on new technologies for  growth

DISTRICT council officers in Dodoma region have been challenged to work closely with farmers, livestock keepers and entrepreneurs to help them acquire right knowledge  for better productivity.

Singida Regional Commissioner (RC) Rehema Nchimbi.

Singida Regional Commissioner (RC) Rehema Nchimbi made the call when wrapping up the central zone annual agricultural show commonly known as Nane Nane at Nzuguni grounds in the city.

She argued that the group of people need more knowledge on new technologies and refrain from doing things the same way throughout.

“It is the duties of council officials to keep on reminding farmers, animal keepers on the modern ways of doing their activities for the betterment of the region and entire nation” she said.

Speaking with officials at the Kondoa district council pavilion, she argued that if officers work close with farmers and other small and medium entrepreneurs, the country can go far in revenue collection as well as food production.

This on the other hand will improve income generation activities for the farmers and more income.

" I can see you are doing things with a lot of creativity but hardly reach the intended groups of people thus the need to have opportunities to reach youth, women and people with disabilities  to help in capacity building”,she added.

According to the RC, instead of using the money allocated for youth, women and people with disabili ties, let the money be spent on conducting meeting for them and educate them on new ways of doing things.

On the same note, she called upon council officers to look for young unemployed youth so as to teach them how to make for instance alternative animal feeds .

She observed that there are quite a number of trainings that youth can undertake  to help them become self reliant and employ themselves.

Early last week while officiating at the opening of the exhibition, the RC expressed concern with the low note as there were no much exhibitions compared to the past years.

Visiting the exhibitions at the Nzuguni area in the city, she  expressed disappointment that most of the pavilions were just empty.

“I think the district councils are wrongly using the government money, budgeting for the agricultural exhibitions yet nothing is on display” she said.

The Singida RC who was the chief guest at the annual animal competition that attracts hundreds of livestock keepers urged the organizers to see why the situation is like that.

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