RC Gambo urges traffic police to use CCTV to nab traffic offenders

11Dec 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
RC Gambo urges traffic police to use CCTV to nab traffic offenders

ARUSHA Regional Commissioner Mrisho Gambo has called on traffic police to use digital system in identifying drivers who do not adhere to traffic laws.

The call was given yesterday by the RC when speaking to road traffic stakeholders, traffic police, politicians and students at a road safety forum organised by Arusha Region Road Safety Committee.

The theme of the forum was ‘Raise your Voice, Prevent Accidents, and Save Lives’

Gambo said Arusha Region must be administered through the digital system by installing CCTV cameras at strategic areas of the roads that will record various incidents of traffic offences and keep records of drivers breaking traffic laws.

“We are informed that people obtain driving licenses without passing through recognised driving schools who later cause accidents, it’s better for the traffic police to use the digital system to nab such drivers,” Gambo said.

Gambo hailed the region’s traffic police for reducing deaths from road accidents by 10 percent, which he said was very encouraging, at the same time he required them to put up strategies in reducing more incidents of road accidents down to 50 percent.

He also cautioned drivers transporting tourists who get drunk while driving and has directed the police in the region to take stern legal steps against them.

Earlier, Arusha Region Road Safety Committee Secretary, Mary Kipesha who is also the region’s Regional Traffic Officer (RTO) said accidents and deaths in the region have gone down by 10 percent while injuries from accidents have gone up by two percent.

She said up to October this year, there were 47 accidents causing 32 deaths as compared to the same period last year when there were 52 accidents with 41 deaths.

She said the main reasons for this include absence of road signs, identification of parking areas and small traders doing business on the roads.

Meanwhile, the safety committee has presented a V8 Land cruiser vehicle to Kipesha to help her in daily responsilities.