RC lauds community radio in Pemba for scaling up Coronavirus awareness

15May 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
RC lauds community radio in Pemba for scaling up Coronavirus awareness

MICHEWENI-based community radio in Pemba Island has been commended for playing a key role in educating residents on the outbreak of Covid-19 as well as measures to curb its spread.

Presenting reports to Zanzibar President Dr Mohamed Shein at the state house in Chake Chake, Regional Commissioners from Pemba South, Hemed Suleiman Abdallah and Omar Khamis Othman of Pemba North region commended the radio’s awareness creation campaign on the disease.

Pemba North Regional Commissioner, Omar Khamis Othman said the radio has been conducting a number of educational programmes on the importance of wearing face masks and the need to frequently wash hands with soap and running tape water or sanitiser.

The RC informed that more than 7,689 people residing at Fundo, Kokoa, Njau, Kojani, Makangale,Kifundi, Msuka, Micheweni, Shanake, Kiuyu kwa Manda, Tondooni, Tumbe, Shumba Mjini, Maziwa Ngombe, Michenzani and Kiuyu Mbuyuni have benefited with the educative radio programmes.

He however said the government in the region has conducted educational campaign to over 60 Shehias whereas the residents have been informed on preventive measures against Covid-19 as well as the importance of sharing information with authorities whenever they notice new faces around their premises.

“We have also reached 2,651 business people at various shopping centres and fish mongers at the popular fish markets at Msuka, Kiuyu, Shumba Mjini, Wete, Mtambwe, Gando and Tumbe”, said the RC noting similar educative programmes have been provided to clerics and local government leaders.

He said they have enhanced security at dumb ports to make sure non-residents do not enter the region without undergoing temperature screening. There are 172 dumb ports in Pemba North region.

Pemba South Regional Commissioner, Hemed Suleiman Abdallah said they have been using a public address system (PA system) to educate people on the outbreak of Covid-19 and prevention measures. He said the educative programmes were conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Heritage.

Abdallah said they are working closely with authorities in Tanga region to control illegal entrance of people from Mombasa, Kenya.

The RC assured residents of stable food supply during the holy month of Ramadhan insisting mostly needed food stuffs such as rice, sugar, maize and wheat flour are available at markets across the region.

“We have enough food, prices have remained stable even during the pandemic outbreak,” said the regional commissioner.

He said regional authorities have taken a number of measures to strategically combat the spread of Coronavirus whereas community health officers have been reaching various societal groups with educative programmes.

He said they are working closely with the immigration department, local government leaders and Shehias in controlling illegal importation of goods through dumb ports. He said they have identified all the 253 dump ports and that officers have been deployed to curb illegal exportation and importation of goods.