RC Makonda optimistic Dar will soon see day-and-night business

09Jan 2019
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Dar es Salaam
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RC Makonda optimistic Dar will soon see day-and-night business

DAR ES SALAAM is by the end of next month expected to join the club of cities that “never sleep”, with businesses operating around the clock, regional commissioner Paul Makonda announced yesterday.

Regional commissioner Paul Makonda

The shift to a day-and-night economy is designed to boost businesses in shopping and the entertainment industry including bars and music performers, whose time is currently pegged at 11pm and midnight, depending on the type of their licences.


“Our plan as the government of Dar es Salaam – regional commissioner, regional administrative secretary and the rest of the team – is to ensure that our region’s economy operates day and night,” Makonda told journalists.


He that there are “some pending issues, including security that will have to be addressed first”, expressing optimism however that they would be sorted out by the end of next month.


The RC named some of the pending issues that will have to be addressed before allowing the operators to open non-stop as installation of security lights and cameras led near and around key businesses.


“We (regional government authorities) will soon meet owners of shops, bars and shopping malls to issue a joint statement before February regarding businesses in the region that will operate day and night,” he said.


He said the planned meeting would also determine whether to allow businesses other than those mentioned also to operate day and night.


“The decisions to be made at the meeting will enable traders from other regions as well as neighbouring countries to enter the city during the day or in the evening, party, shop and leave in the morning,” declared the RC.


“President John Magufuli has already directed us that, because Dar es Salaam is the country’s commercial hub, making people go to bed early ruins the whole meaning of having a commercial city,” he said.


He said that government authorities in the region have already sent a request for 11.9bn/- from the central government for developing Coco Beach “into the city’s ultimate relaxation centre”.


“We expect to announce a tender soon to find a contractor to implement the beach’s development plan,” he noted.


Makonda also admitted that traffic jams constituted one of the most daunting challenges facing the city, saying it hinders development as people waste a lot of time that could have otherwise been spent on productive activities.


“But efforts are being made to build interchanges on major roads in the city, similar to the recently completed Mfugale Flyover at the Nyerere Road/Mandela Road intersection,” he said, adding: “There is also the ongoing construction of the interchange at Ubungo. All this is proof that the city is more than ready and willing to do business day and night.”



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