RC Ole Sanare wants village leader arrested over illegal sale of land

15Jan 2021
The Guardian
RC Ole Sanare wants village leader arrested over illegal sale of land

MOROGORO Regional Commissioner Loata Ole Sanare has ordered the chairman of Vianzi village, Mvomero District Council, Elias Chapakazi, to be arrested immediately on suspicion of selling people's land illegally.

Loata issued the order yesterday at his office soon after a joint meeting involving Mvomero District Commissioner Albinus Mgonya, land officer, village chairpersons, village and ward officials, and farmers from the council.

“The village chairman is not allowed to allocate and sell land, all you have to do is to receive applications from your people who want land, but the applications are sent to the village government,” said RC Sanare.

The RC instructed Mvomero district council executive director Hassan Njama to relocate Vianzi village executive officer Magaly Richard and bring in another one who will oversee the process of receiving land-related complaints.

For his part, Mvomero District Commissioner, Albinus Mgonya said that land under the conflict involves 200 hectares that were sold to an investor called Balozi Namfua for farming.

Mgonya said 2,000 hectares are owned by one person, instructed the formation of a special committee that will involve the District Council executive director to sit down with the investor so that he remains with only 1,200ha and the rest is given to villagers. He said that there are 72 households in the area, something which is difficult to remove them from the area, that’s it’s important for the committee to resolve the conflict in the area.

One of the villagers, Susu Nestory said that the Vianzi village leader was selling part of the village land, lauding the RC Ole Sanare’s move to address the vice.

“It has been a tendency for village leaders to take laws on their hands by selling village land for their own benefits, I think this action will be a lesson to other leaders,” he said.

However, when contacted, Elias Chapakazi, Vianzi village chairman, who is being accused of selling village land denied the accusation saying ‘it ‘s absurd and baseless’ claims. Read More...https://epaper.ippmedia.com

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