RC orders arrest of 13 Mlele workers

09Jan 2021
The Guardian
RC orders arrest of 13 Mlele workers

KATAVI Regional Commissioner Juma Homera has directed security organs to arrest 13 workers of Mlele District who misused a total of 81,000 bricks produced specifically for the construction of the district’s hospital.

He issued the directive here after visiting and inspecting the progress of the construction of seven buildings of the hospital and found that some of the bricks had been sold to the  employees .

The RC named the employees as James Chawe, Ramadhani Masudi, Martine Maswago, James Kapongo, Adam Mabihya, Peter Nyamafu, Lengay Longoy, Dr Mketo, Ignatus Kamande, Aidan Ngwando and Philemon Mahombo as well as   citizens who are Abdallah Soud and Fortunata Kabeja.

Homera said that   selling the bricks which are said to be substandard shows that it was a trick to sell them   to the civil servants themselves.

“I have been told that the sold bricks were below standards that why they were sold, we will not allow this behaviour, so I directed all these employees to immediately be arrested and be in remand until they have paid the monies,” he said.

In May 2019, Mlele District Council hired a contractor to make the bricks but majority of them were below standard.

  The regional commissioner formed a special committee to investigate  the matter which later reported that all the bricks were not suitable for construction work.


But some employees decided to buy them on credit, but it has been two years since they bought them and they haven't paid the money.

Meanwhile, RC Homera directed the arrest of all parents and guardians who will be found hiding children with disabilities at home to prevent them not to attend school this January.

He made the directive after inspecting the preparations to receive Standard One pupils and Form One students in the Mlele District.

“We have received reports that there were some parents who are hiding children with disabilities baring them to attend school, this is against the country’s laws and human rights,” he added....read more on https://epaper.ippmedia.com


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