RC to sack ward officials for failure to resolve farmers conflicts

24Aug 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
RC to sack ward officials for failure to resolve farmers conflicts

COAST Regional Commissioner Eng Evarist Ndikilo has vowed, within one month, to sack all officials in divisions and wards that will continue to be home to farmers-pastoralists conflicts.

COAST Regional Commissioner Eng Evarist Ndikilo.

He gave the warning yesterday when speaking to Mkongo and Ikwiriri wards’ residents in Rufiji District during his visit to hear peoples’ complaints and address challenges to solve them.

Mkongo Ward residents complained over the existence of pastoralists in their area who have been grazing their animals in their farms, the practice that threatens famine for them.

Seif Lwambo, a Kilimani resident from Mkongo Ward told the RC that apart from their farms having been destroyed by floods earlier this year, the pastoralists have now become another threat for the replanted crops. He appealed the RC to ensure the herders are controlled in order to cultivate large farms as precautions against famine.

Apart from the one-month period given by the RC to village and ward officials to assess themselves before being sacked, he also called on them to cooperate in order to arrest the complaints from herders.

RC Ndikilo also gave one week to the Rufiji District Police Commander (OCD) to make sure he arrests a herder who is allegedly accused of raping an elder woman.

It is claimed the herder raped the woman a few days before his crops were eaten by cattle.

Ndikilo provided money to the woman for treatment at a health centre. Rufiji District Commissioner Lt. Col. Patrick Sawala pledged to oversee the directives from the Regional Commissioner including the eradication of frequent conflicts pitting farmers and herders.