RC unhappy with pace of Kalambo District offices expansion project

01Jul 2020
The Guardian
RC unhappy with pace of Kalambo District offices expansion project

​​​​​​​RUKWA Regional Commissioner Joachim Wangabo has summoned the contractor—SUMA JKT, a wing of Tanzania National Service that executes a project for expansion of Kalambo District offices over delays to complete a project for expansion of Kalambo district offices.

​​​​​​​RUKWA Regional Commissioner Joachim Wangabo.

Wangabo wanted the contractor—SUMA JKT to provide tangible reasons for the project’s delay.

The RC noted that the contractor signed a contract for construction of the buildings at the Kalambo District on September 8th 2017 under conditions of completing the job in May 2019. He said the district authority had already paid the contractor some 1.7bn/- out of the required 4.12bn/-.

“I am not impressed with the pace of project execution, you should explain as to why my office should not terminate a contract with you,” he said adding that upon completion, the new building will include 137 office rooms.

He said some district officials have been forced to use classrooms, the environment which is not convenient for them to work properly. 

“I want to meet with the contractor—SUMA JKT, Kalambo District Commissioner and the district director. We shall discuss possibilities to change some contract terms so that the project is implemented through Forced Account,” he stated.

The contractor from SUMA-JKT, Eng Jackson Bwila said they experienced various challenges when executing the project including heavy rains which forced them to temporarily suspend implementation of the project. 

Eng Bwila said the project was stopped for more than seven months due to rains, but they are expecting to resume the work in coming days. He also raised concerns over delayed payment from the government.