Reducing bureaucracy and corruption will boost small enterprises

20Jul 2021
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Reducing bureaucracy and corruption will boost small enterprises

ZANZIBAR Second Vice president Hemed Suleiman Abdulla has directed officials in government institutions to at once stop unnecessary bureaucracy they subject to people needing to invest in the Isles to enable the country make development strides.

Hemedi made the remarks here at the weekend at the site for mineral water factory at Chamanangwe in Wete District, Pemba North Region.

He said the habit of subjecting potential investors to unnecessary bureaucracy was not acceptable and the government will not tolerate the habit as it slows down development strides.

He said in the past, the Isles lost many opportunities due to unnecessary hardships to people needing to invest.

He said if the government finds a government institution hampers the development of Zanzibar, immediate steps will be taken including removal from their positions all officials involved.

He said investments have many benefits for the country as they enable the government to collect revenue,

For his part, Husamudin Ali Mussa, the investor of Amos Industry Limited, the mineral water factory hailed the government for its efforts in giving priority to investors, the step, he added, was encouraging as it will attract more investors.

He said upon completion the factory will start producing mineral water and fruit juices.

He added that they also have plans to establish a factory for manufacturing of roofing sheets to solve the problem of the commodity’s shortage.

Husamudin told the Second Vice President that construction work of the mineral water factory will be completed within the coming three months.

For his part the Managing director of Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA), Sharif Ali Sharif said after completion, the factory, to a large extent, will have implemented CCM Election Manifesto by aiming to produce 300,000 jobs to for Zanzibar youth.

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