Register businesses for recognition,Brela tells casual SabaSaba trader

06Jul 2020
Joseph Mwendapole
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Register businesses for recognition,Brela tells casual SabaSaba trader

​​​​​​​THE Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) has called on Tanzanians and residents who run informal businesses to formalise their operations by registering the same for recognition.

Brela Chief Executive Officer Godfrey Nyaisa.

With businesses registration certificate, operators are recognised by the government and can access other services and benefits that unlicensed entities can only dream of. 

The appeal was made at the weekend by Brela Chief Executive Officer Godfrey Nyaisa when speaking at the agency’s pavilion during the ongoing 44th edition of the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair at Mwalimu Julius Nyerere grounds.

Nyaisa said Brela has put up a system which enables each staff to be productive at every department, appealing to all those who wish to start or formalize a business to visit the pavilion.

“Our existence depends on our customers so we have decided that we must work seriously to satisfy the needs of the Tanzanians. When we find out that any of our staff engage in malpractice such as soliciting bribe, we fire them immediately because we don’t entertain such behaviors,” he said.

 Either, Nyaisa said Brela has hired competent youth who collect queries raised by the public in different social media platforms and submit the same to the agency’s management for action.

He added that the social media use and online registration introduced recently have tremendously reduced congestion at Brela offices since people who need business registration services or those who needed information about the agency no longer have to appear physically.

“We depend much on our customers; that’s why we don’t entertain bureaucracy and corruption. We want people to get value for money in our services,” he said.

The CEO went on to say that among the improvements they have recorded is to make sure that all activities are conducted and documented electronically to avoid wastage of time and resources by people to travel to and from Brela offices with some compelled to make long journeys from upcountry.

He said the digital system which enables Brela staff to attend to customers without physical contact has also automatically ended bureaucracy and the consequent corruption.

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