Register your products before deadline, TBS

15Jul 2020
Felix Andrew
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Register your products before deadline, TBS

​​​​​​​ENTREPRENEURS for food, cosmetics and production have been urged to register their products before the three months deadline so as to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

TBS principal  public relations officer Rhoida Andusamile.

The three months deadline was issued by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards.

Speaking at the 44th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair yesterday, the TBS principal  public relations officer Rhoida Andusamile, said that they have been participating at the Trade Fair to educate various stakeholders on procedures required to certify goods and identify the substandard ones.

She said that in this year’s exhibition they sensitized SMEs so that they register their products and cosmetics as required by the law.

Finance Act No 8 of 2019, gave TBS permission to register food products and cosmetics, the obligation that was once under the former Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA).

“We are using the annual exhibition  to encourage manufacturers to use TBS services that are free of charge to enhance the competitiveness of their products in the domestic, regional and international markets,” she added.

She said producing goods that meet quality standards is important also for the health of the consumers, and help the war against substandard and fake products in the local market.

“There has been a wrong notion among people, particularly from entrepreneurs that TBS works with big industries like beer and cement factories and not small and medium enterprises (SMEs),” she said.

She said the standards watchdog was established to ensure all products in the Tanzanian market meet the required standards, and thus entrepreneurs in the district and other parts should make effective use of the knowledge provided.

According to her, entrepreneurs’ products will fetch high value within and outside the market only if they meet the TBS quality standards.

“Entrepreneurs who will ignore our  knowledge on quality standards are set to incur losses in their businesses,” she added.

TBS awareness campaigns carried countrywide to entrepreneurs and the public have been a relevant initiative that contributed to the country’s promotion into middle income economy status before 2025.

Such campaigns have been carried in schools, colleges, bus stands and other local exhibitions.

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