Relief to Loya villagers as govt switches on electricity

22May 2020
The Guardian
Relief to Loya villagers as govt switches on electricity

RESIDENTS of Loya village in Uyui District Tabora Region have a reason to smile after their houses were connected to the national electricity grid.

Villagers thanked the government through the Ministry of Energy for connecting their village to power, the step they earlier viewed as a dream. 

They conveyed their thanks after the Minister for Energy Dr Medard Kalemani flicked the switch to connect electricity to the village and inspected power distribution thereto.

The villagers said for many years they were being been given promises that never materialized and had to despair due to their village being situated a very long distance from the nearest power infrastructure as well as the area’s unfriendly geography.

“This minister has written history here at Loya village, it has never happened for a senior cabinet minister to come to the village since its establishment as they only reach as far as urban areas, we thank President John Magufuli to let him come to inaugurate electric power in our village,” said Jesephat Wamalulu, a Loya villager.

The Energy minister said after listening to many complaints on the need for power in the village that was still to be connected by Rural Energy Agency (REA), he instructed Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd (Tanesco) to provide it with power.

He said the village has many farmers growing rice and groundnuts and business people want power to run their economic activities.

In the circumstances, he said Tanesco set aside more than 3bn/- to ensure power reaches Loya village which is located long distances from the nearest power infrastructure.

He instructed Tanesco to continue connecting power to households that have already paid connection fees within seven days after such payment, and called upon the residents to use the power for economic activities instead of using it only for lighting.

Igalula Member of Parliament Musa Ntimizi appealed to traders in the village to widen their business activities and to farmers to increase value to their crops.

He also urged the residents to grab the opportunity by establishing small businesses that use electricity such as hair salons, milling machines and welding.

“The power has come at an opportune time as we shall soon start selling quality refined rice instead of the rice with husks which outsiders have been coming to con farmers of this area, we shall soon have modern milling machines and farmers will be able to add value to their crops,” said Ntimizi.

He told the villagers that they should not, under any circumstances, buy power poles, and they should use contractors approved by Tanesco to do wiring in their houses.

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