Research should be written in Kiswahili

15Sep 2017
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Research should be written in Kiswahili

The government has directed that research that is carried out at the level of the Local Government and rural areas should be conducted in Kiswahili which is easy to understand for the people.

It said that undertaking research while using the medium of Kiswahili will enable Tanzanians, especially those from the rural areas, to use the results of research studies in order to achieve greater levels of development in their lives.

This statement was given by the Deputy Minister in the President’s Office (for the Administration of Regions and Local Government Areas – Tamisemi), Selemani Jafo, as he was receiving the report of a research study on Debt Management Policy and its benefits where the goal of achieving development for the people is concerned.

Jafo said that the results of many research studies do not reach the targeted group of people because they are written in English which is not an easy language for the average Tanzanian to understand.

Jafo requested for many research studies to be written in Kiswahili as this will enable many people to understand them.

The REPOA Executive Director, Donald Mmari, urged the government to conduct a review of policies with the help of research studies carried out by different institutions in order to know which policies are easy to implement.


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