Respecting authority is paramount, says Samia

14Jan 2022
James Kandoya
The Guardian
Respecting authority is paramount, says Samia
  • Lukuvi to coordinate government business

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan yesterday told newly appointed cabinet ministers and other top officials to work diligently in serving Tanzanians and respect lawful authorities as per the oath they take upon appointment.

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan.

In a post swearing in address, the president said there public institutions underline the legitimacy of those who hold those offices, explaining that the presidency is a vital institution and even if one doesn’t like Samia, patriotism requires that the person show respect for the presidency.

“If you don’t like Samia, just respect your country,” she affirmed, underlining that the presidency was an institution and not a person, expressing discomfort with faulty constitutional views where people think of a person rather than that institution as such.

President Samia said anyone holding the presidency represents that institution and no one has an option about respecting that institution, in wishing well for the country.

Citing scriptures, President Samia said since all power comes from God; therefore, if you don’t like Samia respect divinity, knowing that the president’s power to rule comes from divinity.

The new appointees must not to ignore what the presidency is obliged to do for the public interest, demanding that they assess themselves in relation to the oath they took upon appointment, to be sure of their commitment to lead the way in serving the community.

“Although no one is perfect, weaknesses should not override duty,” she said, referring to files containing work assessments of everyone. “When I go deep, I find that most of you did not respect or work as per the oaths taken upon appointment.”

She expressed concern on the way misunderstandings among leaders lead to leakage of classified public information on social media, urging that officials should ensure there is no leakage of classified public information. They need to ensure they solve problems wisely in the ministries they lead “instead of shouting or showing masculinity,” she cautioned.

The president reminded ministers to avoid nepotism, to recruit staff based on qualifications, warning that it kills institutional performance. When implementing their duties, ministers must assess themselves if they are on the right track in serving the public, she emphasised.

Former Lands minister William Lukuvi has meanwhile been tasked with a new role as coordinator of government business, working from the State House.

Explaining the roles of the senior member of the cabinet, President Samia cited challenges experienced as to coordinating government work, which hinders efficiency, as the department of coordination within the Prime Minister’s Office was inadequate.

Lukuvi shall work with the office of the Chief Secretary hand in hand to coordinates government work, liaising the work of different sectors and monitoring performance in all ministries, the president underlined.

“We have had challenges in coordination of operations of government in key sectors that affect our people directly such as water, health, education and others. Now Lukuvi will help us with this,” she said.

A few sectors have a direct impact on the people so they must be given priority and closely coordinated, she further noted, citing the sectors as education, health, water and rural electrification

“Those who have been ministers and deputy ministers are aware that there was lack of coordination and cooperation between various sectors, with every agency or ministry working on its own,” she added.