Rights defenders advise govt to sit down with opposition leaders

29Jul 2021
Alima Nkwong
The Guardian
Rights defenders advise govt to sit down with opposition leaders

​​​​​​​RIGHTS Defenders have advised President Samia Suluhu Hassan to have a tete a tete with opposition parties to solve the current misunderstanding for the maintenance of peace and national stability.

THRDC National Coordinator Onesmo Olengurumwa.

THRDC National Coordinator Onesmo Olengurumwa said that the government should maintain the practice she engaged previously in meeting leaders of different groups like the encounter she had recently with journalists.

“I think it’s now time in the midst of this misunderstanding between the government and the opposition party to maintain the practice that was previously practiced with other leaders and meet with leaders of the opposition party at all times not only in times of crisis like this,” he urged.

He stressed that the culture of meeting and have comprehensive dialoguing with different stakeholders is a very good approach to ensure national harmony and tranquility and should be maintained for the good of the nation.

“The culture of comprehensive dialoguing is capital for the maintenance of national peace, harmony, when issues arises,” he urged.

Olengurumwa called on the government to make sure that we are always together as a nation no matter what while highlighting that this is very vital for the development of a country and that the on-going crisis should not be considered as something to divide the nation.

He added that the people concerned should call for a meeting so as not to give room for the misunderstanding to mature into something else as it has been the case with other nations.

“We hope that all our leaders especially the president will see the need to quickly call for a meeting with opposition parties and address key issues raised,” he stated.

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