Road safety campaign for launch today

26Nov 2016
James Kandoya
The Guardian
Road safety campaign for launch today

HOME Affairs Deputy Minister Hamad Masauni will today launch a road safety campaign dubbed ‘Paza Sauti’ at Ubungo up-country bus terminal in Dar es Salaam in an effort to reduce road accidents.

Hamad Masauni

Traffic Police Commander Mohamed Mpinga told reporters yesterday that the campaign aims to increase awareness among road users including up-country-bound passengers.

“We want passengers to reduce human errors that lead to deaths and disabilities,” Commander Mpinga said, adding that more than 74 per cent of all road accidents result from human errors.

After the campaign launch, he said road safety ambassadors, in collaboration with traffic police and other stakeholders, will conduct awareness campaigns at bodaboda operators parking areas, bus terminals and at marketplaces.

According to him, the end of the year usually attracts a lot of accidents asking for more awareness to road users to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Road Safety Ambassador Jackson Kalikumtima said the campaign aims at changing people’s mindset, especially drivers to obey road safety laws.

“It is our expectation that once the campaign period is through next year in April over April, we will witness reduced road accidents,” he said.

He said the RSA has organized a seminar to 100 drivers to sharpen their mind to adhere to road safety regulations.

“It is our hope that through training human errors that contribute to high numbers of road crashes happening in the country will drop,” he said.

He added, “Road accidents cost people’s lives leaving hundreds with permanent disabilities every year which is burden to families.”

In July, this year, the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (Sumatra) shut down the operations of three bus companies operating in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Singida regions following a spate of accidents that claimed nearly 100 lives in less than one week.

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