Road safety conference pledges to ensure vehicles meets standards 2030

21Feb 2020
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
Road safety conference pledges to ensure vehicles meets standards 2030

THE global ministerial conference on road safety has pledged to ensure that all vehicles manufactured and sold to markets by 2030 are equipped with appropriate levels of safety performance.


The declaration was made in Stockholm, Sweden on Wednesday as part of commitment to reduce road traffic deaths by at least 50 percent in between 2020 and 2030. The commitment is in line with the United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development’s pledge.

Adopted by a panel of ministers from across the world the document called upon member states to ensure political commitment and responsibility at the highest level in order to make sure the global goals for 2030 are effectively implemented.

The declaration requires governments to incentivize application and development of existing and future technologies and other innovations to improve accessibility and all aspects of road safety from crash prevention to emergency.

World Health Organisation (WHO) Director General, Tedros Ghebreyesus said: “Millions of lives lost every year due to road traffic collisions are an outrage. States should establish regional, national and sub-national strategies and action plans for road safety to facilitate the attainment of the goals”.

He added: “About 93 percent of the world’s road fatalities occur in low-and middle income countries, these nations have approximately 60 percent of the world’s vehicles. Traffic deaths and injuries can be prevented, using tried and tested strategies. Each country must rapidly accelerate action on proven road safety measures to save lives; countries must plan for sustainable mobility”.

Ghebreyesus insisted on the need for stakeholders to work together across governments, international agencies, civil society and the private sector to prevent road crashes.

In their declaration, the ministers expressed concerns with 1.35 million people who are killed every year on the road, with 90 percent of the casualties occurring in low and middle income countries.

“We call upon business and industries of all sizes and sectors to contribute to the attainment of the road safety related sustainable development goals (SDGs) by applying safe system principles to their value chain including internal practices throughout their procurement, production and distribution process”, read part of the declaration.  

Themed ‘Achieving Global Goals 2030’ the two-day conference brought together 1,700 delegates from more than 140 countries including ministers, senior officials from United Nations agencies and representatives from civil society organisations, academia and the private sector.