Rufiji hydro-power project to get improved communication services

01Aug 2019
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Rufiji hydro-power project to get improved communication services

THE multi-trillion worth—Rufiji hyrdo-power project is poised to be installed with efficient and reliable communication services under a special drive by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

TCRA Director General Eng James Kilaba.

By Semu Mwakyanjala

Speaking during the visit at the mega project by TCRA Board of Directors, TCRA Content Committee and the Management, TCRA Director General Eng James Kilaba said that reliable communication services at the project worth 6.5trn/- will be a key enabler to various economic undertakings at the project.

Eng Kilaba said the project that will cover approximately 2,500 square kilometers of waters is not only one of the most strategic economic investments in the country but also an enabler to other various economic activities of great benefit to the nation.

The TCRA DG said the Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL) and other mobile phone service providers should ensure they install efficient communication services at the project where thousands of people will be employed.

“This strategic economic project will employ over 6,000 workers; these exclude hundreds of others who will be touring the wild-life rich Nyerere National Park who significantly need modern, efficient and reliable communication services. TTCL should ensure that it installs network that supports 4G data communication services preferably optic fiber system”, said the TCRA boss.

President John Joseph Magufuli inaugurated the construction of the Rufiji mega hydro-power project on Friday last week. The construction work is expected to end by 2022 having the anticipated capacity to generate 2,115 Mega-Watts.

TCRA Board Chairman Dr Jones Killimbe said the flagship projects need TCRA’s priority because reliable communication services are the hub to other services facilitating and empowering other services within the unique project, in the country and beyond.

“As regulators of the communication services in the country, we will ensure improved communication services within all flagship projects in the country, like the standard gauge railway (SGR) and the ultra-modern Terminal III at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) among others. These projects are of great economic liberation to the country”, he noted.

TCRA Board Chairman said that ‘wananchi’ should set them-selves ready to witness big milestones of achievements being realized through these projects in the country.

Dr Killimbe said the biggest man-made Lake in the country, which will be known as Nyerere dam in Rufiji will not only generate 2,115 MW of power but also will up-grade tourism services where visitors will enjoy seeing giant crocodiles, hippopotamus, giraffes, lions, zebras and buffaloes among others.

“Nyerere Dam will also become one of the best fishing grounds as the area will become favourable breeding ground for a variety of fish, benefiting those involved in fishing and the population at large.

Irrigation services will also be eminent employment thousands of people. All these economic activities will subsequently contribute to the development of the country”, said Dr Killimbe.