Rural road maintenance programme benefiting rural populations

13Mar 2018
Beatrice Philemon
The Guardian
Rural road maintenance programme benefiting rural populations

OVER 1,000 residents from three regions in Tanzania have begun to reap the benefits of the rural road routine maintenance programme that is implemented by the Irrigation and Rural Roads.

The Rural road maintenance programme is an infrastructure Project that is being undertaken in collaboration with National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC).


According to NEEC’s Communication Officer Jozaka Bukuku, the first beneficiaries of the project are from Manyara, Dodoma and Morogoro regions.


Bukuku says the project is being implemented in four district councils of Kiteto, Kongwa, Kilombero and Mvomero as pilot projects and is aimed at increasing the lifespan of existing roads.


So far, a total of 38 construction groups in these districts have been formed to undertake road maintenance using labour-based technology while also ensuring that the roads constructed and or improved are maintained.


The groups according to the communications officer have also been trained on rural road routine maintenance by Tanzania Rural Road Agency (TARURA) and IRRIP with the support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID).


All groups operating under this system have been registered by Contractors Registration Board (CRB) to be recognised as Labour-Based Contractors and are expected to be taking up routine road maintenance in selected areas.  


“We have decided to involve local communities in this project because it will be easy for them to maintain it, improve transport efficiency, create employment for them, support the local economy and strengthen local business and social development in areas where they are and contribute to sustainable poverty reduction,” he said.


Meanwhile NEEC’s Executive Secretary, Beng’I Issa has said it is the role of NEEC to coordinate and oversee all empowerment activities as part of the implementation of the 2004 National Economic Empowerment Policy. The policy aims at involving the communities in all economic development projects in their areas.


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