Ruvuma Region to plant 40,000 commercial trees

10Jun 2021
The Guardian
Ruvuma Region to plant 40,000 commercial trees

​​​​​​​RUVUMA Region plans to plant 40,000 commercial trees  by 2025.

Ruvuma Region’s Natural Resources and Tourism consultant, Afrikanus Challe said the ongoing project of ten years and began 2015, and will involve tree planting in central and local government areas, colleges, schools and in villages.

Challe mentioned species of trees being planted as those fit for raw materials in the wood industries including pine, eucalyptus and teak.

“By 2020 a total of Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS) planted trees in 4,785 hectares, local councils in 425 hectares, colleges and schools 420 hectares and individuals 23,964 hectares.

Meanwhile, the consultant said Ruvuma Region was implementing the value adding project for forest products in collaboration with Forestry and Value Chains Development Programme (FORVAC) in all the five districts.

Challe said the project will enable villages to take care of village reserve forests for profit creation and so far Tunduru District has received one chain saw that has begun operating in Sauti Moja village.

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