RUWASA saves 1bn/- in executing 13 water projects in Songwe region

18Jan 2022
The Guardian
RUWASA saves 1bn/- in executing 13 water projects in Songwe region

​​​​​​​THE Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA) in Songwe Region has saved more than 1bn/- which had to be used wrongly in the implementation of 13 water projects in all councils.

​​​​​​​RUWASA Songwe Regional Manager, Eng Charles Pambe.

RUWASA Songwe Regional Manager, Eng Charles Pambe said they noticed the increased funds in the budget while reviewing the contracts.

He said the region has been given 12.25bn/- for the implementation of the projects and before signing contracts with the contractors who will implement the projects the engineers decided to review the cost of each project.

He said some contractors set higher costs than the actual implementation of the projects.

“We intend to use the money for other development activities, reducing it in those contracts because we know the cost of building projects in our region, we know the cost of digging canals and building tanks so we cannot be deceived,” said Pambe.

Mgumba said the misappropriation of projects often starts with the procurement of equipment and urged experts to be careful so as to protect the public funds.

“I congratulate you very much for the implementation of these projects, we would have signed these projects and started the implementation of these projects without reviewing this money would have been lost, now I ask you to continue the process of reviewing its implementation,” said Mgumba.

A representative of the contractors who received tenders to implement the projects, Fedrick Luvinga promised that they would implement the projects efficiently and with real cost in mind.

He said the agreements were obtained in accordance with the criteria set by the Region and that they will ensure that they treat the projects fairly by implementing them properly.

Ileje District Commissioner, Anna Gidalya promised to co-operate with the contractors who won the tenders so as to ensure that the projects are implemented smoothly.

She urged the contractors to adhere to their agreements and professional oaths so as to produce quality projects.