Sabotage in commuter trains irks TRL management

10Nov 2016
James Kandoya
The Guardian
Sabotage in commuter trains irks TRL management

TANZANIA Railways Limited (TRL) has condemned the act of sabotaging infrastructure of the commuter train plying between Pugu and the city centre.

On November 7, this year passengers destroyed windows and cushions when the train stopped for some time at Karakata station due to a technical failure.

Speaking to reporters yesterday in Dar es Salaam, TRL Managing Director Massanja Kadogosa said nine windows were broken. He warned passengers to avoid taking laws in their hands especially when the train experiences technical faults.

“Mechanical problems can happen anytime, there is no need for people to start destroying the wagons since it will never help them reach their destination,” he noted.

He said so far police are holding 17 people in connection with the incident, and that they will be taken to court after completion of investigation.

He stressed that stern measures will be taken against anyone that will be caught damaging train wagons because they are costly to repair.

The TRL boss also appealed to residents near the railway infrastructure to work with the police by providing information on people destroying the railway infrastructure.

He said that there have also been reports of cases of sabotage at Gongo la Mboto, Pugu and Vingunguti stations.

He called on the public to inform the police whenever they detect signs of acts of sabotage.