SADC challenges Tanzanian factories to go international

12Aug 2019
The Guardian
SADC challenges Tanzanian factories to go international

DELEGETES from Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, who are in the country for the regional summit, have urged local factories to expand production and marketing scope to export more.

Delegates to Southern African Development Community meetings in progress in Dar es Salaam are briefed on fruit processing when they visited Elvenagri factory in Bagamoyo District at the weekend. Photo: Guardian Correspondent

The delegates threw the challenge over the weekend while at the tour of the packaging factory in Coast Region dubbed Global Packaging Limited located in Kibaha district that increase of production would stimulate export industrial goods.

Giving explanations to the delegates during the tour, the Global Packaging (T) Limited managing director, Benno Mwitumba  said the company already has plans to expand production, adding that the new expansion phase was underway.

He added that the expansion plan goes hand in hand with efforts to look for markets in SADC member countries in a bid to make sure that the factory which was launched in 2017 by President John Magufuli contributes in earning foreign currency after it has largely helped in meeting domestic demands.

“In these two years of production we have achieved a lot in terms of production and market share and now we have entered a third phase of expansion which eyes international market especially opportunities already available in SADC countries,” he said.

Mwitumba emphasized: “We are determined to make sure that after the completion of the expansion phase we will be able to serve the international market especially the one available in SADC countries and we believe with the support of our government which is readily available we will achieve our goals”.

He called on the institutes responsible with the industrial management in the country to increase efficiency in service delivery in a bid to make sure that the government goal of building an industrial country is becoming a reality.

The National Development Corporation (NDC) managing director, Prof Damian Gabagambi said as a stakeholder in the factory in question, NDC sees a lot of opportunities in the SADC countries and would make sure that the expansion plan is implemented to increase production for export.

“Our production now stands at 25 million small packaging and 17 million big ones per annum but we expect that the expansion will triple the production which will ensure our penetration to SADC market in a full swing,” Prof  Gabagambi said.

He added that the good investment environment put by the fifth phase government led by President John Magufuli has led to a significant growth in the industrial sector which is key in instigating competition in the international market.

The SADC delegate leader, Gastom Kaziri hailed the factory for having in place a modern factory that has  assured massive production at higher quantities.

“Global Packaging is an example of factories employing modern technologies and at the step which you have reached it’s the high time you embraced the international market especially the one in SADC countries,” he said.

The owner of  Wande Printing and Packaging (T) Ltd who are the shareholders in Global Packaging (T) Ltd,  Joseph Wasonga, said the expansion plans were well underway, hailing financial institutes for being supportive.