Samia calls upon forests reserve for more income generation

19May 2022
Mary Kadoke
The Guardian
Samia calls upon forests reserve for more income generation
  • Tabora-Konga-Mpanda 342.9km road opening.

PRESIDENT Samia Hassan has called upon people residing near forest reserves to continue conserving the environment as it generates income for their livelihoods and protection from harsh climate change effects.


The President raised this concern today in Tabora region as she was finalizing her three days official visit of Tabora-Koga-Mpanda 342.9km road opening Inauguration.

“Forest reserves have their advantage. We have talked of honey product. We ought to have forests to have honey.If we are to invade forests for deforestation or any other man activity. What will be the stand of this business.

“Initially the world is generating income from bee keeping. Forest Reference Emission Level (FREL) for example, if we are to allow invasion, Tanzania will never benefit from it.”

She said that having reports on forest invaders, the government decided to maintain some and that doesn’t offer a loophole to others to invade

According to her already orders are given to regional and district commissioners, on proper land plan so that the areas are utilized accordingly.






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