Samia calls on Zanzibaris to safeguard freedom, revolution

21Oct 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Samia calls on Zanzibaris to safeguard freedom, revolution

​​​​​​​CCM Presidential running mate, Samia Suluhu Hassan has called on Tanzanians to safeguard the country’s freedom, Zanzibar’s Revolution and the Union that has boosted in the country’s economic growth.

Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Addressing a CCM campaign rally at Paje in Zanzibar South Region, she said CCM had established a good government that allow citizens to conduct their business activities without fear.

She said CCM did not make a mistake to nominate Dr Hussein Mwinyi to be Zanzibar’s presidential candidate because he is a man of ethics and hard worker who can lead the country.

She said the candidate was doing a good campaign by reaching the people wherever they were to listen to their challenges, and added that the government was well mobilised to ensure the elections are conducted peacefully.

For his part, Dr Hussein Mwinyi promised to build many schools which were dilapidated including addressing the  challenge of shortage of teachers in Zanzibar South Region, saying if elected he would invest in education for the people to get quality education.

He said he understands there was also an acute shortage of health experts hence he would also invest in the sector including increasing budget for purchase of medical equipment and drugs.

In regard to safe, clean water, he said he would install infrastructures for the basic service.

Dr Mwinyi said he would also formalise Kizimkazi port to provide services for the people in the south regions.

He said in additional to good work done by the outgoing government in roads construction, he will complete the remaining roads.

He said if elected he would facilitate fishermen and establish a fish processing factory at Paje village as its main preoccupation was fishing.

Dr Mwinyi also said he would strengthen the Union that has seen the maintenance of peace and security and provided numerous opportunities for Zanzibaris to do businesses in the mainland.

"In order to form a strong government we need Members of Parliament, representatives, Councilors and a president from CCM,” Dr Mwinyi said.