Samia lauds NALA app, urges youths to join ICT

20Apr 2022
Benny Mwaipaja
New York
The Guardian
Samia lauds NALA app, urges youths to join ICT

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has called upon Tanzanian youth to grab opportunities provided by advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to make their income generation initiatives workable.

In remarks prepared for the launching of NALA, a Tanzanian association of legal assistants that has international legal attachments like sending money from abroad in any local currency in Eastern Africa, the cross-border payments company delivered the remarks in the launching of its product.

Described as a new kind of mobile money transfer for Africans worldwide, it promises safe, affordable and reliable international payments to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in particular, thus it is expected to be used by Tanzanians living in the United States to digitally remit money to relatives or business associates back home.

In the remarks, the president hailed NALA’s managing director Benjamin Fernandes, who is a Tanzanian, for creating the application that is likely to simplify cash transfers from the US to Tanzania. Ease of such payments will spur the country’s economy and speed up the business initiatives of the recipients, she stated. 

 Fernandes and his team of innovative youths in technology have the support of the government as the monetary authorities seek to prop up a digital economy in view of strengthening the creation of jobs, enabling more youths to scale the social and economic challenges they face, the president affirmed.

The government has invested a lot of money in ICT infrastructure, with the national broadband connected to other countries like Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia, and in the near future the DRC and Mozambique will be added to the network, she stated, urging investors in the ICT sector to set up projects in the country and benefit from its friendly investment environment.

President Samia pledged to work on challenges cited by NALA officials in regard to procurement of licences for operating ICT products in the market, so as to encourage other creative youths to take up technology as an occupation.

“I am told that the US has invested nearly $1.5bn in the ICT sector in Africa,” she stated, underlining that Tanzania ought to be among the beneficiaries of such investment outlays, while director Fernandes said the just unveiled application operates in nine other countries. He created it to assist in money remission to African countries, he affirmed, urging the government to look into reducing licence conditions on online business.

This will enable many ICT creative youth to invest their efforts and increase job opportunities while also employing others At present one must pay for a licence at the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) even before operations have started, he said.

This prevents many youths to realise their life dreams, and in turn, frustrates opportunities for others as well, he added.

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